courses in traditional thai massage

Pages from the course notes.

The One-day Course

This course is designed for complete beginners, though it can be helpful to experienced massage practitioners too.

The course will give you a basic set of techniques so that you can give a Thai massage about 30 mins-1 hour long (although repetition of techniques will extend the massage and is in fact good practice), or incorporate new ideas and new approaches into your existing treatment if you're already a therapist. We work in pairs to practise the techniques; it is certainly 'hands-on'. I also give talks on good massage practice (how to align your client, good posture, using your weight, knowing how far to go with pressure etc.), how to put together and tailor a massage, the effects of a treatment, the history of this technique, how to deal with various situations and contraindications etc., essentially what you need to know to be able to go away and practise.

Pages from the course notes.

There are full printed course notes included (printed in black and white, on normal paper).


  • Practical demonstration and repetition of various Thai massage techniques in:
    1. Front position
    2. Back position
    3. Sitting position
  • Basic principles of Traditional Thai Massage.
  • Basic technique for:
    1. Palming
    2. Stretching (positioning)
  • Basic exploration of the ethos and history of Traditional Thai Massage.
  • Basic discussion of the aims and benefits of the massage.
  • Relevance of intention and attitude to general practice and specifically quality of touch.
  • Massage dynamics: frequency, length, pace, rhythm, depth/strength, balance.
  • Understanding and responding to client reactions to massage.
  • Preparations for massage, contraindications, practice.

Techniques covered

Front position:

Back position:

Sitting position:

Palm legs (front)
Ankle stretch
Calf stretch (front)
Bend knee and hip
Gentle spinal twist (front)
Hamstring stretch (front)
Squat stretch
Arm and torso stretch (front)
Foot massage (front)
Press shoulders
Roll arm
Massage chest through arm
Massage forearm
Flick wrist tendons
Wrist bend
Finger bend
Finger stretch
Palm legs (back)
Bend knees (back)
Calf stretch (back)
Butterfly palm back
Palm arms (back)
Arm and torso stretch (back)
Palm back
Palm shoulders
Thumb shoulders (sitting)
Rub scalp
Face massage
Close ears
Eye pressure point

Notes contents:

The form and benefits of Traditional Thai Massage
The basic positions
Front position
Side position
Back position
Sitting position
Preparation for massage
Tuning in
During massage
Techniques for front position
Techniques for back position
Techniques for sitting position