courses in traditional thai massage

Diagram from the course notes.

The Part II course

This course is designed for those who have completed the Part I course, practised the massage sufficiently to have become comfortable with the sequence and who wish to learn more techniques and gain some deeper understanding of the principles of Traditional Thai Massage.

On Part II you learn new techniques and ideas, for example: energy lines (sen), side position, using different body parts for massage, and stomach massage (chi nei tsang). This gives you much more opportunity to tailor a massage to an individual's needs, as well as adding more freedom and fluidity to your technique, and a significantly deeper understanding of the principles of Thai Massage. We also practise health coaching and examine other factors that influence the effectiveness of treatment.

Pages from the course notes.

There are full, high-quality printed course notes included; these form an extension to the Part I notes.


  • Practical demonstration and repetition of various Thai massage techniques in:
    1. Front position
    2. Side position
    3. Back position
    4. Sitting position
  • Exploration and workshopping of basic thumbing technique.
  • Discussion and exploration of the ideas of 'energy' and 'energy lines' within Traditional Thai Massage.
  • Basic discussion of the stomach and alimentary canal and the effects of different diets.
  • Understanding and working with stomach massage.
  • Basic discussion of the effects of stress.
  • Examination of factors in the effectiveness of massage: 'the massage equation'.
  • Working with client lifestyle factors, coaching exercise, the 'Seven Star System'.
  • Practical revision of Part I techniques with demonstration and corrections.

Techniques covered

Front position:

Side position:

Back position:

Sitting position:

Double ankle stretch
Palm thigh with hamstring stretch
Bridge stretch unsupported
Forward spine stretch
Abdominal massage (chi nei tsang)
Thumb leg lines (front)
Raise legs
Palm inside leg
Stretch toes
Press arch
Foot stretch
Butterfly palm inside leg
Foot massage (side)
Thumb leg lines (side)
Spinal twist (side)
Thumb spine lines (side)
Thumb shoulder blade
Thumb-roll upper arm
Thumb shoulder and neck (side)
Temple pressure point
Double thumb leg
Thumb leg lines (back)
Thumb spine lines (back)
Forward neck stretch
Spinal twist (sitting)
Spine stretch
Neck pinch
Occiputal pressure point
Hug stretch

Notes contents:

Energy lines ('sen')
What are energy lines?
Energy lines on the legs
Energy lines on the back
Techniques for front position
Techniques for side position
Techniques for back position
Techniques for sitting position
Expanded methods
Abdominal massage